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From the initial assessment to testing and remediation, In-Door Air Quality Consultants can help

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The Forensic Environmental Specialists

Forensic environmental science encompasses a number of scientific fields and has grown out the need for a platform to present scientific investigations that address environmental contamination as well as the basic science that serves the underpinnings to those activities.

The science of indoor air quality focuses on the scientific and technical information, physical data, and critical analysis of a confined space.

Your Health Matters

People who feel their home or work place may be contributing to their overall health related conditions. Symptoms range from flu and cold like symptoms that won’t go away or unexplained illnesses your doctor can’t explain, to breathing disorders, fatigue, or on-going headaches. Chances are, it’s the air you are breathing in your home or office.

With the latest in technology and advanced testing equipment, we can accurately assess your indoor air quality and provide an EPA Plan of Remediation towards better air quality at a very affordable cost. From the initial assessment to testing and remediation, In-Door Air Quality Consultants can help.

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Sick House Syndrome Diagnosis
And Treatment

For enduring and convenient water damage restoration in Akron, OH that will not break your budget, turn to the experts at In-door Air Quality Consultants.

Exposure to radon can cause everything from severe headaches to lung cancer. If you suspect radon is present on your property, let our inspectors conduct a thorough test.

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, meaning anything that could harm you or your property. If there is something you should know about, we will find it.

We are happy to offer all of the above services to residential clients, commercial clients and schools. As a locally owned and operated small business, your health and safety is always our top priority.

We are certified as a qualified applicator with Fiberlock Technologies, as VOC and mold testing experts with Prism Analytical Technologies and for mold testing and remediation with both Pro-Lab and InspectorLab.

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Hidden mold and toxic buildup in your house could be making you chronically sick. Once we diagnose this, we can eliminate the unhealthy factors in your home.